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Think rock/pop/punk which oozes attitude and power to command the audience, and you have chick-fronted Silvermaker. Now there are few female-fronted bands that can pull it off, but Annelies certainly knows how to play the crowds, backed by a band oozing with musical talent and killer tunes.

“ The husky and melodic vocals, pumped guitar riffs and solid drum beats are tighter than a nun’s proverbials and makes them one of the slickest, most adrenaline infused bands you’ll see around.” Silvermaker’s well-crafted anthemic songs have the ability to captivate young and old, rockers and pop-lovers alike - impossibly infectious and stuffed full of hooks, they transfix the audience from the word go. A distinctive, diamond-hard groove underpins the Silvermaker sound, and is an inheritance from Ben’s breakbeat DJ’ing and production work.

Silvermaker’s songs embody the consciousness of a modern generation, presenting anything from aspirations of success to apathy for everyday life. They write about love and hate and moving on…. Central to these themes is the ability for the listener to relate to their content and interpret it to fit their own experiences.

Silvermaker are not afraid to embrace their commercial sound. Front woman Annelies says: “So many people talk about commercial music as if it’s the downfall of creative musicians trying to push the boundaries. I see it as a challenge to push the boundaries within commercial music so that a whole bunch of people love and relate to a song, and still find it new and fresh. I don’t think alienating a large majority of people is the goal. At the end of the day, it’s about lots of people having a laugh.”

Annelies Van de Velde (vocals) and Ben Simon (drums) make up the writing team within Silvermaker. Their passion, hard work and determination is the backbone of this band. The rest of the band is completed by session musicians.

Silvermaker have been ‘Band of the month’ in Total Guitar magazine. They’ve made the playlists both locally and in Europe as well as performing live and being interviewed on BBC Southern Counties, Juice FM, Total Rock Radio and on the Belgian Radio 1 and Studio Brussels breakfast shows, to name a few. They have recorded music videos for the powerful track Making My Plans and their fast-moving song Only The Best, which was aired on ITV after being short listed by the channel to play at the 2006 O2 Wireless Festival in Hyde Park.

So what else? There’s too much going on in Silvermaker’s world to tell it all. Their first album was released through independent label Thumping Lizard Records as a one off project; Silvermaker tracks have been popping up on extreme sports films and trailers and will soon be aired on the Extreme Channel; their riff-heavy stomper Come On was licensed for the video game Trackmania Sunrise; they’ve rocked the 3000-strong crowd at the Isle of Wight MotoXGP and been cleaned out of CDs to sell in the process; played gigs on Alpine peaks and won the BBC Southern Counties South Live Competition with the sassy, impossibly infectious Only The Best.

And now, their uplifting blend of rock and pop is finding its way accross the Atlantic. Their first album, remastered and fresh from the press, is due for a US release in March 2008 through Renaissance Records. Wath this space.