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NEW RELEASE - Only The Best album (remastered - US release) $12.98
1. Only The Best
2. Hedonistic Days
3. Making My Plans
4. Nothing Ever Changes
5. Soul Destroying
6. Give It A Little More Love
7. Not My Friend
8. Rock Star
9. Little Sister
10. Pushing Me Over
11. Larger Than Life
12. Come On
Now available from Renaissance Records, click here
Give It A Little More Love (single) - £3 UK inlcuding P&P, £4 worldwide
  1. Give It A Little More Love- Part MP3
2. Give It A Little More Love (breakbeat remix)
3. Give It Al Little More Love (dance remix)

Track 1 also available on iTunes with Nothing Ever Changes and Come On for £0.79 per track
don't have iTunes? click here
3 - Track CD £4 including P&P, £5 worldwide
1. Pushing Me Over
2. Making My Plans
3. Trying to Stay Alive - Part MP3
4 - Track EP The Beginning Is Nigh - £3 including P&P, £4 worldwide
  1. Going To The City
2. Slide Away
3. Larger Than Life
4. Making My Plans
To buy a CD, other than the Only The Best album, please pay via PayPal (no account needed) or contact Silvermaker via the Contact page